Working closely with pet owners and veterinarians, we can compound and flavor medications to fit the tastes and preferences of any kind of animals. We have a set of flavors designed specifically for pets, these include: Salmon, Chicken, Bacon and many more.

 Sometimes the medication that your pet needs was designed for people and does not come in a form convenient for a cat or dog. A compounding pharmacy has the ability to reformulate the medication so that your pet may actually be willing to take it! If your veterinarian needs a compounding pharmacy to make a flavored oral liquid or conveniently sized capsule, a compounding pharmacy may be able to do it for you.

Our Pet friendly services include:

- Change dosages & strengths of medications for companion animals
- Combine medications or customize formulation
- Add the flavors your pet or horse craves
- Create alternative dosage forms
- Compound discontinued pet medications

Please feel free to contact us for any questions about veterinary compounding and how we can help you and your pets!